Aloe vera plants are one of the most beneficial houseplants you can own.

If you treat them right, you will be rewarded with a wonderful gel that has so many healing properties .

However, if an aloe vera plant is not properly looked after it may begin to spread out.

So what does that mean anyway and how do you stop it?

Why Is My Aloe Vera Plant Spreading Out?

a healthy aloe vera plant

There are a number of reasons why your aloe vera may begin to spread out, including not receiving enough light, being overwatered, being kept at a temperature that is too cold, and being kept in a pot that is too small.

Once you get to the root of this problem, it’s usually not too difficult to fix.

The reason the plant spreads is usually down to some environmental factor that can be fairly easily changed.

When you get your plant back to ideal growing conditions, the leaves should stop spreading and start going back to a healthy upright position.

Let’s look at how some of these growing conditions can cause the aloe vera plant’s leaves to spread out:

Not Enough Sunlight

Adequate sunlight is key to growing a strong and healthy aloe vera.

If it isn’t getting the right amount of sunlight then it’s likely to droop and not grow properly.

These plants require at least 6 hours of strong sunlight each day.

If they don’t get that then their leaves may weaken.

It’s not unusual to notice a significant improvement in your aloe’s health just from moving it to a new location.

An area close by a window that faces direct sunlight should keep your aloe vera happy.

If there isn’t a spot in your home with adequate sunlight then indoor plant lights are an option that you should consider.

But be careful when moving an aloe plant from a shady spot to an area that gets a lot of direct sun because the sudden change can cause your aloe vera to get sunburn.

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Too Much Water Can Cause Your Aloe Vera To Spread

Overwatering is one of the biggest dangers a plant can face, especially a drought-resistant succulent like an aloe vera.

A major cause for an aloe vera spreading out is too much water.

The key is to not water it until the soil has completely dried out.

On average, you should only be watering your plant once every 2 to 4 weeks.

Before giving the plant water, always stick your finger in the soil to test if it is dry enough and only water it again when the soil is bone dry.

One big concern about overwatering is that the roots could become infected with a root fungus.

If you feel like you may have been overwatering your plant then it is a good idea to check the roots for fungus.

If any has formed, don’t delay in treating the plant with a fungicide.

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Cold Temperature

If you live in a cooler climate then you may notice that your aloe vera plant thrives during summer, but then starts to sulk and spread out in the winter.

While you may have thought this was due to less sunlight in the day, another reason your aloe vera could be spreading is that it’s too cold. 

Keep your plant indoors once it starts to get cooler out.

Ideally, you never want to expose your aloe vera to temperatures that are below 50 F (10 C).

If they are kept in a cool area that could be the reason they are spreading out or drooping. 

A Pot That’s Too Small

You wouldn’t be happy if you were bigger than your home.

Every plant needs to be potted in a container that allows enough room for its roots to continuously grow.

There is a good chance that your aloe vera plant could be spreading out because its pot is too small.

Move your plant up to a more spacious pot and it’s likely that those spread out leaves will start to stand tall again.

While it’s okay to start growing a plant in a smaller pot, it should be replanted into larger containers as it gets bigger.

This will ensure that your plant grows happy and healthy.

Potting And Repotting Your Aloe Vera

Always use a pot that provides good drainage as it will help to prevent root rot.

Begin with a small 4 or 5-inch pot and as your aloe vera grows, go up at least 1 or 2 pot sizes.

Begin with something like a 4-inch pot and move up to a 6″ or 8″ and then to a 12″.

Aloe vera plants produces lots of pups when they are healthy and need space to spread.

Final Thoughts

Many succulent lovers are fascinated with how tall the aloe vera plant looks when the leaves begin to grow.

That is why it can be so disappointing when they start to spread out.

If it looks like your aloe vera is beginning to spread out, make a checklist to see that you have it in the proper growing environment.

Once your plant is placed in the right sized container and put in a location with strong sunlight and given adequate water, it should start to stand up again.

Just make sure that it’s not too cold and don’t water it until the soil has dried out.