If your home is a little lacking in natural sunlight, the dumb cane plant (Dieffenbachia) is a really great option.

These plants are easy to care for but can be a little finicky when it comes to watering and temperature.

And if the temperature drops too low or you don’t time the watering quite right, this plant will quickly start to look a little sad.

Why Is My Dumb Cane Drooping?

A drooping dumb cane plant

Your dumb cane will begin to droop if it is not getting enough water, receiving too much bright sunlight or if the temperature in its environment is allowed to drop too low.

Whether it be from lack of water or too much hot sun, these plants don’t like to get too dry.

What To Do If Your Dumb Cane Is Drooping

Watering and sunlight issues are usually the biggest cause of droopiness and the first things that you should investigate.

Check The Soil

Not watering enough is probably the most common culprit.

Dieffenbachias don’t like to get too dry.

Test the plant’s soil with your finger and if the top two inches have dried out you can give it some water.

Water the soil at the bottom of the plant thoroughly and make sure the water is able to drain away so that the roots are never sitting in water.

And don’t give it more water until the top two inches of soil have dried once again.

People usually run into problems with their dieffenbachia when they try to water it on an exact schedule.

It’s much safer to let your plant tell you when it needs water – and that’s when the top two inches of soil feel dry to the touch.

Check How Much Sunlight It Is Getting

Pay attention to how much light your dumb cane is getting.

Dieffenbachias prefers partial shade but can also manage in full shade.

They will grow really vibrant and fast when they receive a good amount of bright, indirect sunlight.

When kept in the full shade they will grow much slower.

But if your dumb cane is getting too much direct sun it can quickly lead to the plant drying out and becoming droopy.

Even if you’re watering your plant the right amount, it will still droop in the hot sunlight as it transpires and loses moisture through its leaves.

If you think your dieffenbachia is getting too much full sun, set up a sheer curtain to filter the full sun or move it back from the window to a more shaded area.

It’s also a good idea to rotate your plant once every few days so that it will be receiving an even amount of sunlight.

How to Prevent Your Dumb Cane Plant From Drooping

To prevent your dumb cane plant from drooping you’ll need to ensure that it’s getting indirect sunlight, that it’s been watered just as the top two inches of soil become dry, that it is not being exposed to any cold drafts, and that it is being kept at a temperature between 65 and 75ºF.

Water Your Dumb Cane plant Before It Gets Too Dry

Dieffenbachias require just the right amount of water to look their best.

Lack of water is the most common reason these plants start to droop.

Determining the right amount of watering is a simple process.

Rather than watering your dumb cane on a schedule, check the soil to know when it’s time to water your plant.

A well-watered dumb cane has soil that feels slightly damp but not saturated or overly moist.

If you feel that the top two inches of soil are a little moist, you can hold off on watering and check again in a couple of days.

Let the top two inches of soil dry out between watering times.

Make Sure Your Dumb Cane Receives the Proper Amount of Light

Because dumb cane is a shade-loving plant, another common cause of drooping is too much sunlight.

On the other hand, inadequate sunlight will also cause a problem.

While it is a popular houseplant because it can thrive at low light levels, it should usually be placed within 8 feet of a window.

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Choose The Right Soil

To prevent drooping, you’ll also want your dumb cane plant to be in a well-drained soil mix.

Not fast-draining because you’ll want to soil to retain a little bit of moisture for the plant’s roots.

An example of a potting mix you could use would be:

  • 60% peat moss.
  • 20% compost.
  • 20% perlite.

Beware Of Cold Drafts

When searching for the perfect spot to put your plant, remember that drafty air is not good for dumb cane and will quickly cause its leaves to droop.

It should not be placed too close to a window or outside door.

Watch The Temperature

The proper air temperature for maintaining optimum health for your dieffenbachia is between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Prune Your Dumb Cane Periodically

Occasionally cutting back your plant will help to prevent it from becoming top-heavy as it ages.

As mentioned previously, be sure to cut off old leaves that are turning yellow and drooping lower on the stem.

This will provide space for new growth and lessen the chance of pest infestations and fungal infections taking hold.

Final Thoughts

The dumb cane is a hassle-free plant that’s perfect for low-light homes.

If the plant does start to droop, you can usually solve the problem by watering it properly, keeping it out of the full sun, and not letting it get too cold.

Also, keep in mind that this plant is toxic so keep it out of reach of children and pets, don’t ingest it, and always wash your hands after handling it.