The beautiful heart-shaped waxy leaves of an anthurium can really help to brighten up any room.

The shiny green foliage is breathtaking amid the flower-like blooms that come in white, red, or pink.

Anthuriums are also one of these plants that you can grow in your home without any soil at all.

Will Anthurium Grow In Water?

An Anthurium growing in water

Yes, an anthurium will grow in water, as long as you provide all the nutrients, light, and care it needs to sustain growth.

How Does Anthurium Grow In Water Without Soil?

An anthurium is able to receive the oxygen and minerals it needs to survive and grow from only the water it is kept in.

By using mineral water and replacing it about once a month, it replenishes the nutrients that the plant needs to thrive.

You can also add oxygen and fertilizer to your anthurium’s water if the water you are using doesn’t naturally contain enough nutrients or oxygen.

How To Grow Anthurium In Water

It is quite easy to grow these plants in water, especially if you live in a warm, humid, and sunny climate.

You can achieve this in a couple of ways.

You can either propagate an anthurium from a cutting or you can remove it from the soil.

If you choose to do the latter, you have to be careful so you don’t tear the fragile root system.

If there’s even a trace amount of soil it will cause root rot while in the water, which will kill the plant.

You’ll want to rinse the roots in lukewarm water to remove any remaining soil.

Be thorough and make sure the water you use is pure and free of chemicals and toxins.

When starting from a cutting, you want to place it in a cup of mineral water and wait for the roots to grow.

Regardless of which method you use, you can then move it into a larger container with or without soil.

But growing it in water with a clear vase provides a visual texture that’s gorgeous and elegant.

If using a clear container, be extra careful to keep it out of direct sunlight so that algae doesn’t build up.

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Do You Have to Use Mineral Water?

No, you don’t have to use mineral water for your hydroponic Anthurium.

You can use rainwater or high-quality tap water. The caveat with tap water is that it should free of chemicals like chlorine, sulfur, and fluoride.

If you want to use tap water, leave it out in an open container overnight so chemicals can evaporate.

Mineral water is a sure choice because it prevents limescale from forming in whatever container you’re using and it will ensure your anthurium gets clean water with plenty of nutrients.

You don’t have to worry about purchasing hydroponic fertilizers.

Will A Platic Bottle Work As a Container?

Yes, plastic bottles can serve as a vessel to grow anthurium.

Actually, you can use any container.

But, keep in mind that the smaller the neck on the bottle, the more difficult it might be to remove it later.

Using a clear crystal or glass vase will be best for the plant.

How Often Do You Have To Water A Hydroponic Anthurium?

You don’t have to water an anthurium if you’re growing it hydroponically, but you can’t leave it in the initial water you used to start growing it either.

You should change out the water about every four weeks or so.

This ensures the plant gets fresh nutrients and that the water doesn’t become stale.

Should I Mist My Anthurium?

Yes, these plants like humidity, and you should either mist your anthurium or keep a humidifier nearby.

This is true whether growing it in water or in soil.

If you live in a drier, more arid climate, keeping the plant humidified will be crucial.

When it doesn’t get enough moisture and humidity, the leaves will become brown and wilt.

Does an Anthurium Need Direct or Indirect Sunlight?

Anthuriums can endure direct or indirect sunlight.

But, if you want big beautiful blooms to appear, keep the plant in direct sunlight.

Make sure you keep it away from windows, doors, and drafts if it’s winter or the weather is cooler.

In these cases, a grow light will really help.

Final Thoughts

Growing anthuriums in water is a very easy process.

Their delicate yet hardy root system is a beautiful accent to the plant when in a clear glass or crystal vase.

You only have to change the water on a consistent basis, see that it has enough sunlight, and ensure it has enough grow room.

If you’re able to provide all it needs, including nutrients and humidity, your anthurium will grow big and beautiful.