Eucalyptus is a cleansing and refreshing scent that is wonderful in the home, especially the bathroom.

Many people use eucalyptus leaves in the shower to create a spa-like atmosphere at home.

But eucalyptus doesn’t always smell the way people expect and it can begin to lose its beautiful fragrance for a few different reasons.

Why Doesn’t My Eucalyptus Plant Smell?

A healthy Eucalyptus plant

Your eucalyptus plant doesn’t smell because either its soil has become deficient in nutrients, the cuttings you are using are old and have lost their scent or you have become so accustomed to your living eucalyptus plant that your sense of smell has become immune to it.

As your eucalyptus plant grows, its soil may become deficient in nutrients and this can affect how strong it smells.

You can use a DIY kit to test the quality of the soil.

And following the outcome of the test, you could choose to either fertilize your eucalyptus plant with a slow-release fertilizer or repot it in a slightly bigger pot with fresh soil.

Eucalyptus should only need to be repotted once every few years and the best time to do it is in the spring.

But if you have soil or overwatering issues, it’s OK to move your plant to a new pot with fresh soil.

Some people can also become slightly immune to the smell of their eucalyptus plant (it happens).

If you have a eucalyptus plant that is growing in your home, you might not notice the smell simply because you are used to smelling it every day.

To enhance the smell, you can try rubbing the leaves a little bit between your thumb and finger which will help to release the oils and the scent.

Most people use cut eucalyptus branches that they gather themselves from a eucalyptus tree, or buy from a florist.

If you are using cuttings and they do not have any smell, chances are they are old and past their prime.

Like any plant or flower, cut branches and blooms will lose their smell once they are no longer fresh.

The scent from freshly cut eucalyptus branches usually doesn’t last longer than 3 or 4 weeks.

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How Do You Make Eucalyptus Smell Better?

It can be frustrating to have eucalyptus branches that do not smell like eucalyptus, so make sure to follow these steps so that you can enjoy their smell for a long time!

Select Fresh Branches

If you are gathering eucalyptus stems from your own tree, this should be easy!

Take a pair of sharp scissors and snip off a few branches from your tree.

If you are buying from a florist, go ahead and ask for the freshest branches available.

The fresher they are the stronger they’ll smell and the longer the smell will last.

Hopefully, you can get an arrangement that has been cut in the past day or two so that the smell will linger for as long as possible.

You can also tell that stems are fresh because the leaves will be very pliable and will not feel brittle or break off if you touch them.

If you are buying brittle eucalyptus branches, they likely will not have much of a smell.

Soak Overnight

If you are using your own freshly cut eucalyptus branches, you can help to maintain them by first soaking them overnight in water before using them as an arrangement.

You can soak them overnight in water, then let them air dry completely before arranging in a vase or using them in your shower for their smell.

Use An Anti-Dessicant

You can consider using an anti-dessicant spray on your eucalyptus leaves to prolong their smell and lifespan.

An anti-dessicant will help the leaves to stay fresh and moist.

The leaves will look fresher for a bit longer!

Keep The Leaves Away From Heat And Sunlight

Heat and sun will make the leaves dry out faster which will make them lose their smell.

You will want to keep your eucalyptus leaves away from heat sources as well as sunlight.

If you have the arrangement in a vase, keep it out of direct sunlight.

If you are using eucalyptus leaves in your shower, they actually may last longer than in other parts of your home due to the extra humidity, especially if the bathroom doesn’t get much direct light.

Add Extra Eucalyptus Scent

If you want to intensify the eucalyptus scent of your leaves and branches, you can add a drop or two of eucalyptus essential oil to your cuttings.

This may give your eucalyptus branches a great boost!

Sometimes the smell tends to fade before the branches are dry, so adding a bit of an extra scent boost will prolong the life of your branches.

Spray the arrangement daily and if your eucalyptus stems are in a vase, try misting them daily with water to help keep them fresh.

Misting them will help to keep them hydrated and looking nice, and this should also help preserve their scent.

If you are using them in your shower, they will probably be getting enough humidity already so you will not have to take this step.

Spray A Little Hot Water On It

If you’re keeping your eucalyptus in the shower and it seems to be losing its smell, spraying a little hot water on the leaves can really help to bring out its scent.

Also, if you’re lucky enough to have a rainfall shower, you can tie a bunch of eucalyptus directly under the showerhead and let the hot water run over the leaves to create a spa-like aroma.

Final Thoughts

If you are lucky enough to have access to a eucalyptus tree near you, make sure to pick the freshest branches for your home.

If you are buying from a florist, ask if you can pick your own branches for your arrangement and look for branches with leaves that are pliable and not brittle.

If you have your own small eucalyptus bush in your home, try rubbing the leaves between your fingers to release more of the natural oils and scent.

Eucalyptus makes a lovely calming scent that will make your home feel like a spa!